Leon S Kennedy Haircut

Leon S Kennedy Haircut

"I have no idea what's going on!". You've probably heard this phrase a lot if you were ever a fan of the Resident Evil series. The phrase is often accompanied by the sound of gunfire, screams, and—you guessed it—it was Leon S Kennedy game.

If you've ever played any of the games in Capcom's popular horror series, you know that Leon Kennedy is one of its most iconic characters (and one of its most memorable sidekicks). But did you know that Leon has an equally iconic hairstyle? In fact, his haircut is so recognizable that people have been asking for it by name since 2002!

We're here today to help you get Leon S. Kennedy Haircut and make sure your hair stands out as much as his does.

Who is Leon S Kennedy?

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Leon S Kennedy is a character in the Resident Evil series of video games, who appears in various iterations of the franchise. He's one of the few characters to appear in every game in the series, and he also features prominently in many of its novels, comics and films as well.

Leon first appeared in Resident Evil 2 (1998) as a rookie cop who gets caught up in an outbreak at Raccoon City police station. In the end his partner dies but he manages to escape the city with a young girl called Claire Redfield and two survivors from the Umbrella Corporation, Ada Wong and Barry Burton.

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In Resident Evil 4 (2005), set some time later, Leon is working for a shady organization called The United States Secret Service (USS) when he receives a tip-off about a potential biohazard outbreak somewhere in Europe. He heads out to investigate but finds himself battling against hordes of zombies on his way there—and eventually learns that this is all part of an elaborate plan by Rodrigo Borgia (an evil Templar leader).

Leon's character is described as a tough guy with a strong sense of justice who doesn't take any crap from anyone. He's also an expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant, so it would probably be best to leave him alone if you're planning on getting into any fights with him.

What is the name of Leon S Kennedy Haircut?

If there's one thing we've learned from Leon S. Kennedy, it's that you can't judge a hairstyle by its cover. The name of Leon S Kennedy haircut is curtain haircut.

This hairstyle starts with a short bang on the left side of your head, which is paired with a longer bang on the right side of your head. The longer bangs are then swept back to create what looks like a curtain over your face, hence the name "curtain haircut."

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The curtain haircut is great for people with round faces because it balances out their features by making them appear less round and more oval-shaped. It also draws attention away from any facial flaws or blemishes because it creates an illusion that your face is smaller than it really is (which can be helpful if you have acne or other skin conditions).

Leon S Kennedy Famous Haircut

Leon S Kennedy is a hair trendsetter. The character has been in the industry for decades, and he has experimented with numerous styles throughout his career. Here is one of his most famous haircuts:

Leon S Kennedy Curtain Haircut

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Leon S Kennedy is a popular hairstyle for men, and it's easy to see why. The Leon S Kennedy haircut is a classic look that works for both formal and casual settings, and it can be worn by any guy who has hair on the shorter side.

The Leon S Kennedy haircut is characterized by its sleekness, which makes it perfect for guys who want to keep things simple but still look sharp. It's also easy to maintain, which means that you can skip the salon every couple weeks if you want to save some cash—or just don't feel like making the trip!

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This hairstyle is characterized by long bangs that cover the top half of your face, with a side part on one side of your head. The back of your hair should be cut very short. You can choose to wear this haircut with or without bangs—it's up to you!

This style works well with any kind of face shape, so don't worry if you don't think it would complement yours! If you're feeling adventurous, try out this look today by heading over to your local salon!

Leon S Kennedy Hair Color

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Leon S Kennedy, also known as Leon Scott Kennedy and just "Leon" to his friends, is a character in the video game series Resident Evil. He is an American special agent tasked with investigating the outbreak of the T-Virus at the Arklay Mountains facility.

Leon's hair color has become iconic in recent years, especially among people who enjoy cosplaying as him. The color is distinctive—dark brown with red highlights—and it's not easy to replicate, which makes it one of the hottest trends right now among those who want an edgy look without going too far out there.

Steps in Getting Leon S Kennedy Haircut

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Leon S Kennedy's haircut is one of the most iconic in gaming history. It's a classic, high-and-tight cut that can be achieved with nothing more than a pair of clippers.

If you have the right hair type (short and straight), then you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Get a good pair of clippers, like the Wahl Color Pro 5-Star Magic Clip Complete Haircutting Kit.

Step 2: Make sure your hair is completely dry and free of any product or oil, then comb it back with your fingers to form a solid part line down the middle of your head.

Step 3: Starting at the front left side of your head, use the clippers to cut away all but about three inches of hair on one side of the part line—you want to keep enough that you can pull it over to cover up any mistakes you might make later on! Then repeat on the right side, using slightly shorter length settings each time until both sides are done.

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Step 4: Now grab some scissors and trim off any long hairs sticking out from underneath your ears or at the back of your neck (if there are any). Then blend everything together by clipping away at random areas where you think more definition would look good; this will help create a more natural-looking shape with more texture than you would get from an electric razor or clippers alone!

Step 5: The last step is to brush out any remaining clippings from around your ears, neckline and forehead, making sure there aren't any stray hairs poking straight forward from your head like a rock star or a unicorn horn.


Leon S Kennedy is an iconic character in the Resident Evil series. His hair is as memorable and recognizable as his quick wit and his ability to survive near-death situations. If you want to look like Leon, we recommend getting a haircut that's short on the sides and long on top. 

You can also try growing out your sideburns and styling them with gel or wax to give them shape. If you're feeling inspired by Leon S Kennedy's style, or if you just want a new look for yourself, check out our other guides for other characters' hair!

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