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If you're looking for a haircut that will turn heads and make your friends jealous, Kurt Russell's haircut is the way to go.

Kurt Russell is one of the most iconic faces in Hollywood. The actor, who has been in the business for over half a century, has starred in some of the most popular films and TV shows of all time. He's known for his roles in Escape from New York and Tombstone as well as his more recent work in Guardians of the Galaxy and Stargate SG-1.

The Kurt Russell haircut is a style that has been around for quite some time. It is a very popular look that has been worn by many men over the years. The style is usually cut short on top and sides, while the back is left longer. This allows for you to be able to style it in different ways, making it easy for you to create different looks!

There are many different variations of this haircut, which can make it difficult if you are trying to decide what kind of style you want. If you want to learn more about the Kurt Russell haircut and how it can benefit your look, then keep reading!

Who is Kurt Russell?

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Kurt Russell is an American actor, who has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. He has starred in over 100 movies and TV shows, including classics like Tombstone (1993), Miracle Mile (1988), and Death Proof (2007).

His birthday is March 17, 1951. He made his acting debut on television at the age of twelve in the western series The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (1963–1964). He signed a 10-year deal with The Walt Disney Company in the late 1960s, and for the duration of that time, he played Dexter Riley in movies like The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969).

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Russell received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture for his performance in Mike Nichols' Silkwood (1983). He played anti-hero characters like army hero Snake Plissken in the future action film Escape from New York during the 1980s, which was directed by John Carpenter.

Russell starred in a number of other well-known movies, such as Used Cars ,The Best of Times, Tango & Cash, Backdraft, Tombstone, Vanilla Sky, Miracle, Sky High, The Hateful Eight , and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood . He played the character Ego in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films What If...?.

Kurt Russell Haircut Name

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The name of Kurt Russell Haircut is flow haircut. It is a super simple style that is perfect for the guy who doesn't want to spend too much time in front of the mirror. It involves just a little bit of product and some scissors, so you can be out the door and on your way in under five minutes.

The flow haircut is great for guys who are looking for something low-maintenance and easy to style, but don't want to go full-blown shaggy. With this cut, you'll look like you're ready for anything: from a night out on the town with your pals to a date with your significant other.

The key to pulling off this cut is keeping it short enough that it doesn't get too messy or unkempt—but long enough that it still looks good when styled. You should also remember that if you have thinning hair or bald patches, this style will only highlight them more!

Kurt Russell Famous Haircut

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Kurt Russell is a Hollywood legend. He has starred in so many movies over the years that it's hard to believe he has time for anything else. But Kurt Russell is also known for one thing: his hair.

Kurt Russell's hair is iconic, and everyone knows what it looks like—it's the perfect example of a mullet! He's worn this look since the mid-70s, and it just keeps getting better with age (like fine wine).

Russell has won multiple awards for playing both heroes and villains, but one thing that stands out about his career is how consistently good he looks on screen. It's not just his acting skills that make him such an enduring presence in Hollywood—his good looks also play a huge role in keeping him at the top of his game.

Now let’s take a look on one of the famous haircut of Kurt Russell:

Kurt Russell Flow Haircut

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Kurt Russell is known for his cool, collected persona and his distinct sense of style. His hair has always been a part of that style—he's had a lot of different looks over the years, but one thing remains constant: whenever he gets a new haircut, he's never afraid to show it off.

This flow haircut is one of our favorites from Kurt's collection. It's got a great flowy texture that really shows off your locks' natural movement, but it's also got enough height at the top to accentuate your face shape and make you look taller. 

Best Kurt Russell Haircut
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It's a little bit messy, but not too messy. It's got volume on top and lots of texture throughout. It's perfect for guys who like to do their own hair—if you're someone who likes to have a little bit more control over your style, this is a great option for you and if you're looking for a bold new look, this is definitely one we recommend checking out!

Steps in Getting Kurt Russell Haircut

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There are many different styles of haircut, but one that seems to be particularly popular today is the flow haircut. This style has been around for a while—it was popular in the 1920s and 1930s—but it has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. It's easy to see why: it looks great on everyone!

If you're looking for a flow haircut, here are some steps to follow:

Step1:  Brush your hair and part it down the middle

Step 2: Bring your bangs forward and hold them out of the way with a headband

Step 3: Have a friend or family member put their hands on either side of your head, then have them lift up your hair while you pull it back and over your shoulder

Step 4: Your friend/family member should now be holding in place the top layer of your hair, which is now folded to one side of your head

Kurt Russell Haircut 1990's
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Step 5: Gently pull on this layer until it's flat against your head, then use the comb again to make sure all the ends are even

Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5 with the other half of your hair

Step 7: Take off the headband holding back your bangs, then take a look at how much length you want taken off (be careful not to cut too much!). Next, grab a comb and section off a small portion of hair near the back of your head (it can be anywhere from one inch to three inches wide). Starting at the root of this section, begin cutting away from yourself in very short sections (about 2-3mm long). Repeat this process until all the hair has been cut away from its original position.

Step 8: Use scissors or clippers to remove any excess length from both sides of your head.


Kurt Russell is the ultimate embodiment of a badass. He's been in some of the most iconic movie franchises, like Tombstone and Escape from New York.

And, getting a Kurt Russell haircut is an exciting time for any man. It’s a time of change and reinvention that can help you reach new heights in your life—literally, if you want to. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge!

Now that you know what it takes to get the perfect Kurt Russell haircut, get out there and make some magic happen!

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