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How to Have Korean Bangs for Round and Square Face

Being a fan of Korean dramas has an enormous influence on us when it comes to choosing the ideal bangs that we think will most likely fit our facial attributes. Seeing Korean actresses with bangs leads us to think that Korean bangs conceal the proportion of our head, allowing it to seem slimmer. Therefore, we desire to have them too!

Over the years, cutting bangs is one of our favorite practices to enhance our facial features and highlight the shape of our faces. Once you choose the perfect bangs, they may complement whatever face structure you have.

Across both round and square forms, a side-swept bang appears superb. On a heart-shaped or oval face, straight all-over bangs sound amazing. Go with bangs if you want to renew and freshen your appearance.

Fringes dramatically transform your style, and there are a diversity of patterns to match your head shape and hairstyle type. At some point, you might be worried whether bangs would enhance your looks or the other way around.

Either of the two, we got your back. So sit back, and just continue scrolling as we will present you some stunning Korean bangs for round and square faces for your future references.

Tips for maintaining your fresh bangs

We all know that bangs sometimes go frizzy which makes our overall facial features affected. There are even moments that we hate going out because we do not want others to see our bad hair day. To avert that from happening, below are some tips you should consider before you decide to cut bangs for yourself:

Your bangs must be cleansed

Even individuals with regular skin, who don't have oily skin, must always bathe their bangs more commonly than once every two weeks. Since the oils from your face drive your bangs to appear oily, washing them thoroughly on a fairly frequent routine is the quickest option to keep them staying wholesome and fresh.

Refrain from applying excessive hair products

Assuming you prefer the oily effect, using too many chemicals on your fringe will never benefit them. To manage your bangs, take the lightest portion of the product plausible.

A hairdryer is a must

Bangs dry way quicker than the majority of your hair and are adamant about keeping their form. Blow-dry your fringe starting from the top, aim the tip from the upper edge to the bottom, then manage it with a round brush to guarantee you do not detest their style after they've been air-dried.

Always take a hairbrush with you when you go out

Whenever you are outside the house, fixing your bangs using only your fingers may appear simple, yet it very much promotes them to become extremely greasy.

Take a tiny hairbrush rather, that will be convenient once you have to condition your hair and bangs.

Trim your bangs on a constant schedule

The wisest choice you should achieve for your bangs is to trim them more or less every six weeks. By doing so, your bangs would keep the style and protect it from extending to an odd diameter that impedes your sight.

Korean Bangs to try for Round Face

The concept with round faces is to allow them to resemble more angular by significantly protruding them. Bangs sound well on round faces and would perhaps allow them to look slimmer.

Bangs for round cheekbones make it possible for a selection of female tresses to disguise firmer facial bone structure and chubby cheeks. If you have a round face, consider bangs to create the impression of a lengthier or even more oblong shape. For your convenience, we have included several examples below:

Inner Bangs

korean bangs for round face
Image Source: hairnbeauty12

Let us start with the very popular inner bangs that have been the talk of the town between several ladies who are planning to have fringes. Pretty sure you’ve heard of inner bangs.

They are tiny, baby hair-like fringes that flow delicately over through the forehead and create a sophisticated impression, which is the initial recommendation we can give. Many K-pop idols prefer this type of bang.

Long Side Bangs

korean bangs for round face 2022
Image Source: Pinterest

Enhance your wash-and-go brunette hairdo with these lengthy side swept bangs. It showcases attractive long side bangs for your round features that accentuate the chop's sections. To complement your facial structure and superb tresses, you should also consider a semi trim with a pitch-black golden blonde hue.

Straight Bangs

korean style bangs for round face-min
Image Source: d_a___m_i

You’ve probably watched Itaewon Class starring Kim Dami with her very cute hairstyle. To create that vintage, charming image, go for short hair with straight bangs.

The outlining highlights the chin, which is wonderful for round faces such as yours. It has a straight-over fringe that looks amazing on tresses. When matched with a reddish blonde shade, short hair with bangs is immensely eye-catching.

Swoop Bangs

korean style bangs for round face 2022
Image Source: Pinterest

A further bang trend to attempt is swooped bangs. If it comes to round facial forms and fringe, face-framing is also not the perfect idea. It's plausible that a change of pace and tilting onto face characteristics is a better trick.

Curtain Bangs

korean inspired bangs for round face
Image Source: hairlovejp

Curtain bangs are feathery tresses that fit easily on both angles of your face, comparable to how drapes surround a window. This sort of bangs certainly sounds excellent on ladies with round features. It attracts the eye to both the cheekbones, reinforcing the notion of pronounced peaks that many folks consider alluring.

Baby Bangs

square face korean bangs
Image Source: kim.goeun

Yumi’s Cells featuring Kim Go-Eun with her attractive baby bangs has also attracted many ladies to try it too. You are not wrong, though. Baby bangs work beautifully on round faces as they offer the idea of a broader, lengthier forehead.

If you trim your baby fringe with a tiny slope descending downwards your temples, such as the highest part of a circular pattern, it will appear as if you had rectangular bangs on the summit of your spherical face. It can add just too much sophistication to your complete image, and if managed carefully to complement your face images, they can be extremely fashionable.

Korean Bangs to try for Square Face

A pronounced jawline, and perhaps an identical size and shape, define square features. Do not trim your fringe extremely shorter for these face types otherwise they'll drive your face downward. Alternatively, opt for sweeping, voluminous bangs that extend from underneath your forehead to mid-eyebrow. Surely you will love our suggestions below:

Bardot Bangs

square face korean bangs 2022
Image Source: Pinterest

It's undeniable that a middle section attracts attention to a square face, however, this isn't the point with bangs parted in the middle. This is because they overlap the edges of your forehead, granting the illusion of a spherical shape. We assume the delicate layer of Bardot bangs is also beneficial in highlighting your facial features.

Full but textured bangs

best korean square face bangs
Image Source: louisa_mazzurana

With a rectangular facial structure, you would genuinely think that full bangs are a no-no, but you'd be surprised. Even with lengthy, straight strands, it's a breathtaking hairstyle ideal solution if they're trimmed like this: beautiful and layered on the tips and striking approximately eyebrow area. The main objective is to split up the horizontal line to not highlight the particular point in your jawline.

Long Side Bangs

korean inspired bangs for square face
Image Source: hairlovejp

Because of the flowing curve, they generate over the forehead, side bangs are a phenomenal selection for a square face. It may be extremely long, and it would equally fit with those which are only an inch or two less. While drying your bangs, it's a fine decision to have a spherical hairbrush to yield quite as much motion and flow as conceivable. The modest outward slope at the corners is another approach to lessen your jaw's edges.

Wispy Bangs

korean inspired bangs for square face 2022
Image Source: hairlovejp

Wispy bangs are silky fringe with a ruffled edge. Wispy bangs will go well on women with longer or rectangle faces who aspire to contour. If you possess thin hair and wouldn't want to invest in long, heavy bangs, they're a pretty great option.

Choppy Bangs

best korean square face bangs 2022
Image Source: thv_skuukzky

Choppy bangs are a complex trim with fluctuating extents of fringes. Choppy bangs, resembling sharp or vertical bangs, feature different ends from one edge to the opposite and are usually slanted. This is the sort of Korean bangs you should get if you desire to appear youthful! Choppy bangs are resurfacing as among the most recognizable Korean trends.

Is it worthy to have Korean bangs?

Absolutely, yes! You should at least try to have your edge cut into fringe even for once to look younger and fresher than ever. Bangs will add texture and fullness to your hairdo if your hair is plain and boring.

With a handful of trims of the scissors, you may transform your shapeless style into something you cherish. Having bangs will inspire you to master your peculiar hairstyle in no time.

If you are still having doubts, you may start having bangs that are lighter and simple like the curtain or side bangs until you feel the urge to explore more.

However, remember that not all types of bangs will complement your facial attributes so you have to be prepared and consider reading recommendations that will be the best fit for your face shape just like the ones provided for you above.

Furthermore, you can share these thoughts with your friends or family members and try to achieve a matchy hair bangs trend together!

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