16 Trendy Hairstyles for Teens

Looking for hairstyles for teens? It's hard to keep up with all of the new trends, especially as a teenager. If you're looking for new hairstyles for teenage girls, we have the perfect list for you. Read more here.

From Jojo Siwa to Charlie D’Amelio to Maddie Ziegler, there are many teenage social media influencers out there who keep sporting many different hairstyles and the internet is loving it!

Well then, I’m sure most of you teenagers out there can rock these hairstyles just as well. So what better age than your teenage years to experiment with different hairstyles and have fun with them, because you can!

With social media and peer pressure, a lot of teens find it hard to keep up with the times and catch up with the trending styles.

But this article has got you covered, as it compiles a list of 16 super cool hairstyles you teenagers can try out today!

So check out the 16 super trending Types of Hairstyles for Teens

Hairstyles for Teens

The Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Teens
Source: Instagram @michellerhair

Looking for a versatile hairstyle? Well, this hairstyle is the perfect one for you.

This hairstyle is simple to wear, as it consists of half your hair tied up or held together with a clip, while the other half is let down.

teenage hairstyles girl black
Source: Instagram @haarfabrique.byrian

People with straight, wavy semi-curly hair can pull off this hairstyle very well, if your hair is long enough to hold the hairstyle.

The Half Down with Braid hairstyle

Teenage girl haircuts
Source: Instagram @blushstudio.hairstylist

This style may look very similar to the hairstyle you saw earlier, but what makes all the difference is the way the hair is styled.

The left hair stands as it is, while the hair that is tied up is the one where the braid is formed to enhance the way this hairstyle looks.

Haircuts for teenage girl
Source: Instagram @evergreen.ambition

The best part of this hairstyle is that you can tie any braid of your choice and this versatile hairstyle will look good with anything you want to wear.

The Short Straight Cut hairstyle

Teenage hairstyles for school
Source: Instagram @nikitahairnykoping

Are you fed up of having your hair braided to school because it is considered “too long”?

Well then, how about you get this perfect classic short hairstyle – the short straight cut hairstyle, because this one style will literally never ever go out of fashion.

Teenage hairstyles
Source: Instagram @hairbyrichardscissorhands

It looks pretty and elegant, is easy to maintain and will literally suit anyone who gets it.

If you have wavy or curly hair, you can still get yourself this short straight-cut hairstyle and I promise you that it will still look just as good. 

The Crochet Braids hairstyle

Cute hairstyles for teenage girl
Source: Instagram @candancebarnes

The crochet locs hairstyle isn’t a style that is often heard of or talked about and I don’t see why, because this hairstyle is super pretty. What do you think guys?

Well, if you are someone who loves experimenting with new hairstyles, then this one is perfect for you.

teenage girl's cute hairstyles
Source: Instagram @hairbytynaaa_

What I love about this hairstyle is the box pattern it creates on the scalp that looks so pretty.

The Bob Hairstyle

hairstyles for teens
Source: Instagram @spoiledrottenbeautybar

When I look at this hairstyle, the first person that comes to my mind is the singer Rihanna. She sported this bob hairstyle back in the day and it has been trending ever since then.

Well, I do see why it has still been trending over the years because of how pretty and cool it looks.

hairstyles for teenagers
Source: Instagram @ayele_wiles

All you need to do is get yourself a nice bob haircut or even switch up your style by getting yourself an A-Line bob haircut and you’re good to go!

It is easy to brush and simple to maintain as well.

The Shag Cut hairstyle

easy hairstyles for teens
Source: Instagram @amybacheherring1213studio

When you are in school or college, I’m sure that these funky hairstyles aren’t permitted.

So maybe your summer vacation is around the corner and you want to get a new summer hairstyle to flaunt? Try out this shaggy cut hairstyle.

easy hairstyles for teenagers
Source: Instagram @gina_styles4u

It is super trending and looks absolutely funky! What I love about this hairstyle is its ruffled and so-called “messy” look.

This hairstyle enhances the look of the hair because of its choppy cut, making your hair look more defined.

The Short Afro hairstyle

best hairstyles for teens
Source: Instagram @hyped_teens_community

Do you find it a hassle to maintain your Afro hair?

Is it hard to brush out when you are in a rush to go to school? Well, then, what’s better than this simple, classy short Afro hairstyle!

best hairstyles for teenagers
Source: Instagram @hyped_teens_community

You can still look cool when you go to school and guess what, you will never need to go late again because this hairstyle is easy to maintain and brush on the go. So if you have Afro hair, get yourself a lovely short haircut.

The Curtain Bangs hairstyle

Trendy hairstyles for teenagers
Source: Instagram @bevelsalon201

Curtain bangs look so elegant. This hairstyle is the best one for those who want to add a little style to their already existing hairstyle, in case you don’t want to stray too far away from it.

You just need to get your front hair cut into bangs that will be styled across the sides of your forehead, to complete the look and there you have it!

teenagers haircuts
Source: Instagram @headhuntersbeautysalon

The best part about this hairstyle is that it will literally suit anyone, with any hair type for hair lengths ranging from medium to long.

The Center Parted Straight Cut

Teens haircuts
Source: Instagram @aimee.lafantaisie

Do you like keeping things classic for a change? Then what’s better than this classic center-parted straight-cut hairstyle!

It is simple, easy to get and very easy to wear on the go.

Long length haircut for teens
Source: Instagram @boutiquesuite109

All you need to do is get yourself the perfect straight-cut hairstyle and then part your hair in the center, letting your hair fall at the back and sides of your hair.

This hairstyle looks good to be worn on any occasion, be it a friend’s birthday party or even a wedding celebration.

The Beach Waves hairstyle

Wave haircuts for teens
Source: Instagram @the.factory.salon

This style is one of my most favourite hairstyles because of how classy and elegant it looks. This hairstyle has its own vibe to it, don’t you think?

It is super simple and easy to get and also to maintain.

teens wave haircuts
Source: Instagram @_nataliebeauty

All you need to do is get yourself a lovely beach wave haircut and style it by parting your hair in the center, so that the waves fall perfectly at the sides.

The Triple Braided hairstyle

teenage girl braids hairstyles
Source: Instagram @trencitajohnson

Do you have your annual day coming up and wondering what hairstyle to wear your hair in that will make you look stylish and pretty? Well, these triple braids look super charming, don’t you think?

The best part of getting these triple braids is that you can style them in three different ways as per your choice.

Triple braids for teens
Source: Instagram @trencitajohnson

You can let these braids free to fall at the back of your head or tie it up into a single ponytail bringing the braids together or even tie the hair where the end of the braids, into a low bun.

The Front Braid hairstyle

Front braids for teens
Source: Instagram @haircuts_with_heather

Is it just me or does this hairstyle look super pretty?

Well, what I love about this hairstyle is how beautifully the front braid lets the hair cascade over the back and sides of the head.

Front braids for teenagers
Source: Instagram @teen.hairstyle

A lot of people also call these braids as French accent braids.

If you are looking for a cool hairstyle to sport, but find yourself having a bad hair day, then maybe this style will do the trick. It looks super gorgeous and perfectly holds the hair in place because the front braid works just like a hairband.

The Wings hairstyle

Wing haircuts for teens
Source: Instagram @st.hbeautybar

This hairstyle is very versatile and can be done on both long and short hair. The reason this hairstyle is called the “wings” hairstyle is because of the way the hair is cut and made to look when left.

The idea of this hairstyle is that the hair is cut in such a way that the pattern it forms on the hair looks like wings.

Wing Haircuts for teenagers
Source: Instagram @johnnajhair

This hairstyle looks very classy and elegant and looks good to be worn to any occasion, both casual and formal.

The Pull-through Braid hairstyle

Pull-through hairstyles for teens
Source: Instagram @tausenbraids

Do you love keeping your hair long, but have run out of hairstyle ideas to try? How about this super cool-looking hairstyle?

These pull-through braids are totally in fashion these days and look very pretty.

Teens Pull-through hairstyles
Source: Instagram @samirasjewelry

People sometimes call these braids as “bubble braids”, because of how the style is shaped. I’d say that this hairstyle basically looks like a regular braid, but definitely looks more elegant because of how craftily it is formed.

You can switch up this style by trying out the double pull-through braids hairstyle or even the one-sided pull-through hairstyle.

The High Afro Ponytail hairstyle

High Afro Ponytail hairstyles for teens
Source: Instagram @hyped_teens_community

If you are someone with short Afro hair and probably think you are having a bad hair day, well this hairstyle is one that can solve all your problems.

Teenager's High Afro Ponytail hairstyles
Source: Instagram @hairbyclarion

All you got to do is tie up your hair into a high ponytail or bun. This style is super simple, easy to manage and also will look good on practically any attire you wear and can be worn to any occasion, even to school!

The Double Afro Ponytail hairstyle

The Double Afro Ponytail hairstyle for teens
Source: Instagram @hairlaundrybyola

I’m sure a lot of teenagers with Afro hair, also known as the kinky hair type, find it hard to maintain and style it because of its volume.

Well, the struggle is real but do not worry as this hairstyle will help you keep your hair in place while still letting it look stylish.

The double ponytail hairstyle, often also referred to as the bunches hairstyle is one of the simplest and easiest styles to get.

Afro Ponytail hairstyle for teenagers
Source: Instagram @joshleencirino

The style is named “bunches'' because of how it looks when styled on the hair. All you got to do is partition your hair in the center and tie your hair up into two ponytails on either side.

The Final Takeaway

Well teenagers, while these hairstyles are super trending and stylish, these are just some of the many hairstyles out there you can try out.

Feel free to experiment and maybe even combine two hairstyles to create your own. Pick out styles that you think can suit you the best.

Teenagers today belong to the lucky generation that has unlimited access to all the possible information on how to style their hair, types of styles to try and what products to use. So you guys, have fun experimenting and maybe even start your own trend!

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