10 Gorgeous Flat Twist Hairstyles

10 Gorgeous Flat Twist Hairstyles

From braids to cornrows, these amazing Flat Twist hairdos that can make everyone's head turn and look at awe wearing these hairstyles! Time to get past the same old looks and transform your hair from boring to mesmerizing!

You ask how? Of course, with these hairstyles, which also happen to be some of our top hairstyles.

You can give your hair several various twisting techniques. Twist braids today come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Do you want to know which twist hairstyles go best with your personality and sense of style?

Are you interested in discovering the hottest hairstyles for 2022? Look at the content below

Flat Twist Hairstyles

For many years, African American women have embraced flat twist hairstyles. With today's fashion, these twists have transformed into a wide range of exquisite, enthralling looks.


Flat twists are loose, two-strand twists. For naturally textured hair, they are a protecting hairdo that work ideally. Here are several flat twist hairstyles to just get you started if you want to broaden your styling options. 

Additionally, these protective hairstyles shield your natural hair from pulling, heat, and manipulation. Although protective hairstyles are worn all year round, they are especially beneficial for wavy and coily hair during the winter because of the extreme cold and wind.

Flat twists are one of the simplest and most adaptable preventive hairstyles.

These hairstyle are quicker to create than braids, which is ideal for newbies. Other than that, twist hairstyles have the same advantages: they safeguard the hair, provide length retention, and make an excellent foundation for many different hairstyles.


With using lengthened hair or just your natural curls, you can create hairstyles in flat twists or individual twists and they're a genius way to keep your hair nourished and safe from needless damage, as if that weren't enough to convince you. 

While smoothing the curve, if you find yourselves with a lot of free time, this is the ideal opportunity to try out fresh looks. Although there are many different forms of protection, these twists are a fantastic place to start because they are simple to grasp.

What are you waiting for? Try out these hairstyles by scrolling down!

#1 Halo Updo Twist Haircut

Flat Twist
Source: Instagram @actually_ashly

The halo updo is similar to a crown braid or Halo braid in which the hair is tied in a pair of French braids around your head, but instead this hairstyle do individual long Dutch braids and pile them along the hairline, pinning them in place. These halo updo are ideal for a fancy event.

To create your halo, just twist a section of hair from each side of your temples, then wrap each twist around your head. Once you've pinned them down, you're done!

#2 Ponytail Twist

Flat Twist
Source: Instagram @nyliemylie

The ponytail flat twists hairstyle is a terrific choice for combining twists and loose curls. The look is quite versatile and suitable for a variety of occasions. 

Her hair is kept neatly styled and is kept from getting tangled or knotted thanks to them. Most ponytail hairstyles may be made in a few minutes. 

Simply take hold of her strands and raise them to the top of head. Let the ponytail hairstyle fall to the side that feels the most natural after securing firmly with the hair elastic.

#3 Low Bun Twist

Flat Twist
Source: Instagram @justbraidsinfo

The low bun is a timeless hairdo that can help when running out of time to fix hair. This is something different from the regular bun which spots on the top of the head or on the back of the head. Here is the updo spot on the lower backside over the neck. This can be done with any sort of hair even also with artificial hair. The simple yet elegant hairdo itself is good for any occasion. 

The low bun is the easiest of all. Just slick back your front hair in the back.To improve the overall look, you can use any accessories like a comb. You can either make a braid to create the bun. After creating, leave it at the neck and enjoy a nice hairstyle. You can use a rubber band or Bobby pins to do it properly. And with that you're good to go! 

#4 Braided Updo Twist

Flat Twist
Source: Instagram @parlourrva

Do you want to showcase your styling talents? Take more notice of this look now. This style, which combines a mix of larger and smaller braids for a truly high-impact look, is one of the most creative and unique ones. Most women love this hairstyle since it is ideal for a daytime professional look at the workplace, a dinner date after work, or a night out with friends.

A braided updo is certain to soon become one of your preferred hairstyles. Making braided updo is creative and they are capable of handling exercises and training. Your braid will stand out and be attractive. 

Of course, it's a good idea to wear your hair in an braided updo at the top. One of those haircuts that works well for both daytime and evening activities. Simple yet stylish!

#5 Multi-layered Twisted Bun

Flat Twist
Source: Instagram @ebonybomani

It's eye-catching, easy to copy, and the ideal look to transition from the office to the dance floor. Wrap all flat twists around one another until you get a thick, layered, and tall style. 

Try this braided bun combo for a very fresh style. It's ideal for keeping the hair out of your neck during those long, hot summer nights.

#6 Halo Twist

Flat Twist
Source: Instagram @nossacarapinha

This hairstyle is primarily suitable for medium-length hair because the standard halo braid is one braid that wraps around your head around the hairline. Your hair can be styled in either Dutch or French braids. You'll want to wear the halo twist all winter long because it's so protective and convenient to style. 

Make your parting, then begin by twisting from the top of your head down. Repeat on the opposite side, after which you should secure both parts by tucking them under at the back of the neck. Truly stunning!

#7 Twisted Pigtails

Flat Twist
Source: Instagram @nossacarapinha

These adorable twisted pigtails are ideal for a hassle-free commute from the gym to work, a late-night concert, or weekend shopping. 

With good reason, this twisted hairdo is a timeless favorite since it is so darn cute! To keep hair under control and create a really sweet look, tie the hair off into pigtails and then braid it into medium-sized twists.

#8 Milkmaid Twist


The milkmaid hairstyle often places the braids or twists at the crown of the head, but we also suggest experimenting with putting the braids or twists behind your head close to the nape of your neck. 

For both formal and informal events, this haircut works best. If you do have long hair, try this simple yet classy hairdo with two braids connected at the top. Keep it simple and lovely with a milkmaid braid!

#9 Cute Updo with Curly Pigtails


Curly hair has the feature of making even the simplest and uncomplicated haircuts appear incredibly lively. 

Pigtail braids may appear easy on a person with straight hair, but this is a simple hairstyle you can do that will look lively. Having loose curls gives your appearance more personality!

#10 Reverse Twists

Flat Twist
Source: Instagram @embracehairart

When you next change your hairstyle, do you want to experiment with something slightly more dazzling? Check the reverse flat twist! 

Instead of working out from the top of your head downward, this style starts at the nape of one's neck and moves outwards. 

This is recommended given it is such a lovely approach to change up your hairdo of twist hairstyles.

Now that you’ve seen the flat twists hairstyles that are popular, check out how to create simple flat twists at home and experiment with lots of twists hairstyles to show out your inner goddess. Explore different twist styles and show off your hair. 


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Are you prepared to attempt a few of these cute hairstyles?

Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, without a doubt you’ll look absolutely stunning– go girl!

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