Db Trunks Hairstyle

The DB Trunks hairstyle is a style that has been popular for many years now. It's a great style for men who want to look like a true warrior. It's also perfect for those looking for an edgy look that makes them stand out from the crowd.

This hairstyle is one of the most popular styles among young men today because it's easy to maintain and looks great on all face shapes and hair types.

Furthermore, this hairstyle is a great way to show off your favorite anime character in a new light, or to show your appreciation for their style without looking like you just came from the convention floor.

Who is Trunks?

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Trunks is a warrior from the future who comes to the past to confront and defeat Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. He is the son of Bulma and Vegeta and has a counterpart named Goten. Trunks is also the grandson of Goku, who he looks up to very much.

In his own timeline, Trunks was born on May 12th in Age 766. His mother Bulma was pregnant with him when she was killed by Frieza's henchmen Dodoria, but was later resurrected by Shenron following a wish made by Goku's son Gohan.

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Trunks is born with his mother's blue hair but his father's facial features, which is why many people think he looks similar to Gohan. Trunks is known for being able to transform into Super Saiyan as well as having a sword that can cut through anything called a Sword of Hope.

Furthermore, Trunks is one of Goku's strongest allies in the fight against Frieza and his minions during The Cell Saga (which took place between Seasons 8 and 9 of Dragon Ball Z

Famous Db Trunks Hairstyle

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Trunks was a fan favorite from the beginning, and his signature hairstyle is one of the most memorable aspects of his character. His purple hair is always slicked back, with long bangs that frame his face and a perfect part down the middle.

Trunks’ haircut has changed a lot throughout his life, but it can be categorized into two main styles: the curtain hairstyle and the spiky hairstyle. The curtain hairstyle was first seen in Dragon Ball Z episode 30 “Super Saiyan Bargain Sale” when Trunks was a kid, while he had his spiky hairstyle in Dragon Ball GT when he became an adult.

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Additionally, it may be one of the most popular men’s hairstyles today because it is simple enough to be done at home with just a few tools: hair scissors (an electric clipper may work too), a comb, brush or paddle brush, hair gel or wax (if needed), and hairspray (optional).

Db Trunks Curtain Hairstyle

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The curtain hairstyle is a unique look that has been popularized by the character Trunks in the anime series Dragon Ball Z. This hairstyle is not only cool, but it also gives him the appearance of being more powerful. The style features long hair on one side and short hair on the other. His hair then flows into two strands that hang down over either ear. The longer piece is styled into a ponytail at the back of his head, while the shorter piece hangs loose on top of his head.

Trunks first appears in Dragon Ball Z as a child, but he grows up to be an adult and keeps his signature hairstyle. In fact, he even gets it back after it's cut off by someone who doesn't recognize him!

In addition to being a cool look, this style also makes sense because Trunks has superhuman strength—so keeping his hair out of his face would make it easier for him to fight.

Db Trunks Spiky Hairstyle

Famous Db Trunks Hairstyle
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Trunks' spiky hair is iconic and immediately recognizable by fans of the series.

Trunks' hair can be seen during his battle against Frieza, when he transforms into Super Saiyan for the first time. His hair spikes up and becomes a bright golden color as he powers up.

This hairstyle is also seen during his fights against Cell and Majin Buu. In each case, he gains more power than before and his hair spikes up to show how strong he has become.

In addition to looking great on Trunks, this style also makes him look much more intimidating than other characters with shorter or less spiky haircuts (such as Gohan). It may seem like a small detail, but it can go a long way in making someone seem powerful!

Steps on Making Db Trunks Hairstyle

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A curtain haircut is a hairstyle that involves cutting hair in a way that resembles a curtain. It's a fun, easy way to change up your look and add some flair to your style.

Here's how to make a curtain haircut:

Step 1: Get ready to cut. Shampoo your hair, comb it out, and blow dry it until it's completely dry.

Step 2: Cut off any split ends that you find along your hairline or at the bottom of your hair. This will help prevent damage during the cutting process.

Step 3: Split your hair into two even sections, then divide each section into two smaller sections. Use clips or bobby pins to hold them in place while you work on them individually. You can also use small rubber bands if this is easier for you!

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Step 4: Starting at the top of one side of your head (from ear level), begin cutting downward toward the back of your head with scissors or clippers (depending on whether you want an undercut). The line should be smooth and even all around; if there are any jagged edges, use scissors or clippers to trim these off until they're straightened out enough so that they don't irritate anyone else who might brush against them later. Then move down to one side or the other, depending on whether you want bangs!

Step 5: Apply some gel or hairspray to make sure the curtain stays in place.


The Db Trunks hairstyle is a great look that can be achieved by anyone with the right tools. The key to this style is being able to get the hair to sit in place, so it's important to use a gel that will do just that. The best thing about this style is how easy it is to maintain—just wash and go!

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