10 Eye-Catching Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights would make your hair look truly amazing texture and fullness. Matching your lush brunette strands with sweet and vibrant golden highlights can liven up the brown hair and uncover hidden levels of flexibility and beauty.

Look at some of these photos of the most magnificent dark brown hair having blonde highlights for your next hair appointment!

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights 

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @kylieannefritz

Dating as far back as I can remember, brown hair mixed with blonde highlights has always been one of the fabulous hair trends. The typical brown and blonde hair color combination complements both conservative and outgoing personalities.

Complementary dark and light shades are expertly interlaced into your strands to create contrast and shine. With a hair color that combines blonde and dark brown, you may style your hair however you choose and still seem stylish.

Countless people are racing to parlors for a bronde hairstyle, which is a booming trend. This is for you whether you just colored your hair brown or if it is brown by nature. Brunettes are aware that bleaching their hair to a totally blonde tone may cause considerable hair damage. 

Adding blonde highlights to your wonderful natural brown hair is the next best thing, would you like to give it a try? Without a doubt, you’ll look magnificent!

10 Eye-Catching Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @princess.y.salon

There has never been a better moment to give your brown hair some beautiful, blonde highlights. You will undoubtedly realize the ideal color for you here! 

So why are you still waiting? Choose your favorite blonde highlights with brown hair style!

#1 Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @marcosyan_boaz

Dark hair with blonde streaks adds character and charm without making a commitment. No matter what shade of brown your hair is, from light to dark chocolate, there is a gentler partner that can bring life to even the richest shades. 

Short hair does not need to be dull! Truth be told, some cool-toned blonde was added to this cool-toned brown to get the suitable sandy shade.

If you're thinking about coloring your short brown hair, consider adding some blonde highlights to spice up your appearance. Tell your stylist of the level of blending you desire since chunkier highlights may seem overdone. A delicate piece to frame your face is one of the best additions to this look.

#2 Long Dark Brown Hair with Fringe and Highlights

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @brianaguilarhair

Having fringe and highlights on long, dark brown hair gives off clear 90s nostalgia. Your hair will have just the proper amount of change thanks to these lovely honey highlights. 

When you have long, shaggy hair, the dimension looks fantastic. The fringe unifies everything and softens your face.

#3 Dark Brown with Beach Blonde Balayage

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @demetriuspombosalon

This alluring bronde balayage, a mix of beach blonde and brown hair, will dazzle you and offer you the perfect blend. 

You'll look and feel terrific with a beach blonde balayage! Look no further if you want contrast in your latest hair color. The brown and blonde will speak out flawlessly due to their different characteristics.

#4 Brown-Blonde Gradient Ombre Hair

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @oliveri_parrucchieri

If you want a lovely low-maintenance shade, consider a brown-blonde gradient ombre. The smooth change from brown to blonde would have everyone mesmerized! Whether your hair is straight or curled with waves, you will appreciate the richness it adds.

A gradient from dark to light is one of the most popular ombre hairstyles used to give your hair a lived-in appearance. Combine with beachy waves that are tousled for a simple appearance that works well in a number of situations.

#5 Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @hair_by_nate_

You could need caramel highlights on brown hair to take your brown look to the next level. They enhance your overall appearance, brighten your color, add dimension to layering and curls, and give you a soft, warm appeal. 

If you want to give your color that "special something," you can go bright, soft, as well as subtle, or ombre. 

If you have dark hair, brown hair with caramel highlights is a natural, rich, and warm tone. Give your dark hair dimension with golden caramel and honey tones to break up strong deep brown hair. Request from your stylist balayage highlights that mix in naturally and grow out.

#6 Thin Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @brushedwithlove

Thin, very delicate blonde highlights give dark chocolate brown hair some life in this style. The blonde highlights reflect light in a way that flat brown hair cannot.

Choose brown hair with blonde strands to achieve the classy look you've always desired! With a few highlights, natural hair's tones look their finest.

#7 Ash Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights

Source: Instagram @balayageombre

The best part with ash blonde hair is how little maintenance it needs compared to other shades of blonde. In addition, regardless of the tone you select, it looks fantastic on people of any tone! 

Ash-blonde highlights add a lot of brightness to medium-length, dark features. Blonde front portions in this hair color define your face while leaving it dazzling. Actually, the various tones and colors blend beautifully together, giving your hair an ultra-chic aspect.

#8 Light Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @southmarksouth

To help achieve a natural-looking, flawlessly blended color with richness, character, and contrast, lowlights are frequently suggested by colorists for long hair. 

If you have dark brown hair, add additional light blonde highlights with lowlights to give it a fashionable dimension. The colors compliment you if you have neutral skin tones. For effortless waves when styling, use a curling wand. A light sprinkle of flexible hold hairspray will finish the appearance.

#9 Golden Blonde Highlights on Long Layered Hair

Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @gustavomigli

How lovely long brown hair could get is as shown here. Warm golden brown and mellow blonde highlights will give your brown hair some character. Ideal for matching with gigantic waves, when the various colors in the sultry curls will stand out. 

An excellent approach for a brunette to incorporate blonde into her life is with this long layered cut and color combination! Without getting completely blonde, it gives your brunette hair a ton of dimension. As a discrete approach to cover their gray hair, brunettes often frequently add highlights to their style. 

Think about how frequently you want to go to the salon for maintenance if you're thinking about getting this brown hair with blonde highlights.

#10 Bronde Highlights

Source: Instagram @hairbybreewatts

Describe bronde hair. If you've looked far and hard for the ideal hair color that falls between blonde and brown, think of bronde as your new favorite. A balance of dark and light tones creates the rich, low-maintenance shade known as "bronde," or "brown blonde." 

If you have darker brown hair, blonde highlights look lovely. When worn with long, flowing hair in the summer, the tones provide a gentle, sun-kissed dimension. You can surely pull off these highlights for your long brown hair. To improve the texture, try adding waves to your hairstyle.

Moreover, adding highlights to your hair is a terrific method to transition to a lighter color without getting a whole hair makeover. They also aid in hiding gray hair, which is suitable to all. Get out of your comfort zone and try having blonde highlights!

Why do you keep on waiting? Naturally, brown hair color figured out a way to board that train as well where brown can go along with blonde. Simple blonde highlights can give your brown hair depth and assist frame your face by framing your face.

I read with interest looking through this short list of 10 striking ways to wear brown hair with blonde highlights. You may learn all there is to recognize concerning blonde highlights in this post, along with the considerations you should make before getting them. 

Additionally, look for items that can condition and preserve the health of your hair after coloring. If you're still hesitant, seek advice from an experienced stylist.

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