10 Braided Pigtails for Black Hair That Are Anything But Stylish!

Tied up high or low with different twists of braids, loose or tight! One of the hairstyles that has been trending through the years, braided pigtails are perfectly cute and versatile to wear on various occasions or casual days and it can be worn in all hair types and textures in all these goddess-like women including you! 

Fresh, soft, or sporty, any style of these braided pigtails are so creative that you'll never run out of ideas on how to wear it and pair it with! 

So if you want to add more wonderful ideas for your next hairstyle to wear, read this article and list them down! Are you excited? ‘Cause I am excited!

Braided Pigtails for Black Hair

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @aliciakeys

All around the world, women have known to wear braids for countless years. The look is considered one of the most interesting twists, ranging from extremely complex patterns to straightforward braids. 

Additionally, braids are ideal for practically every situation. There is a braided hairdo that is superb for you whether you're at the workplace, school, the fitness centre, or even a celebration. 

Much greater, braids may be able to lengthen your mane and prevent damage to your strands depending on the type of hair you have. Discover all the various braided hairdos of women by reading the following.

The finest method to show off your uniqueness is with a braided hairdo. Well, that scruffy ponytail served you brilliantly. For a while, that crazy, twirled-up bun did you well, but it needs to be ended. 

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @joyjah

Set aside the flat iron if you want to wear your hair straight; heat damage is serious and will be on an all-time high since the summer weather is already here. 

There are many various versions of braids, but regardless of whether you choose to use your own natural hair or add a style like smooth and elegant braiding, braids are definitely another of the minimum, exquisite choices available to style your hair!

Whenever it concerns braids, there are countless styling choices. You have a ton of options, ranging from a crown braid with ornaments to enormous braided rope box braids. 

To give you loads of a variety of styles appropriate for each and every event and hair type, I have gathered braid inspiration from a wide range of enchanting women! After reading this article, without a doubt you’d love to try some of these braided pigtail hairstyles!

10 Ways to Style Your Black Hair into Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @luvhairapp

Let's take a look at the 10 braided pigtails listed, seeing as braids have always been a totally controversial trend whenever it comes to summer hairstyles, and we loooove how sleek and elegant they look!

#1 Sleek Pigtails Hairstyle

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @lacyredway

Classy. Who wouldn't desire this hairdo considering that it is neat and tidy? 

This pigtail hairdo is so dang elegant in every way. To achieve a sleek appearance, carefully braid your pigtails in the Tessa Thompson manner 

For your information, hair spray and mousse will be your best friend to achieve this sleek hairdo.

#2 Smooth & Curly Pigtails

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @emilychengmakeup

What is this season's quirkiest method to wear pigtails? Make a smooth and shining side part with your hair. Of course, the braided pigtails at the back of the neck should be secured and glossier is better, you should definitely try this out!

Although being very basic, this haircut is sure to attract attention.

#3 Pigtails with Curly Bangs

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @maneaddicts

Why not revamp your hairstyle? Just take a look at how adorable these pigtails and curling bangs are! 

Curly bangs with pigtail braids are the perfect move. When creating this trend, you should probably experiment with texture; you can make your braids firm and smooth and your bangs voluminous and fluffy!

#4 Simple Braided Pigtails 

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @freshlengths

Long braids that run across your back are a great addition to this stunning appearance!

Beginning at the top of your head and working your way down, braid your hair and you can also leave some wavy parts out to outline your face. Also, your pigtails will stay moisturized and smooth if you use a light hair oil.

Protective hairstyles look wonderful when worn in pigtails as well. Simply divide your braids into equal halves and fasten them with elastics to complete the style. 

#5 Low Styled Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @a.dai.sha

With two clean, low-style braids, keep it simplistic. Keep in mind that before braiding, you should tie your hair up in two pigtails and you can start braiding your hair.

Simple and easy, right? However, it would appear very chic and adorable!

#6 Pigtail Box Braids

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @africansbraid

One of the most recognizable hairstyles for Afro-textured hair is the traditional box braid. 

Another adorably adorable technique to jazz up a protected hairstyle is with pigtail braids. Can we just take a moment to admire those baby hairs, please? 

To get this look, all of your hair will be divided into sections, braided into pigtails, and worked into two separate braids.

#7 Wrapped Pigtail Twists

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @joyjah

Did you notice how twisted these pigtails are? I can't get enough of this style, which resembles braided pigtails. What a sweetie! 

This look is another one of Joyjah's on-trend, insanely hot hairdos that she usually makes. 

This casual look is instantly elevated by braiding hair itself around the base of each pigtail!

#8 Fishtail Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @sabrina.porsche

Small hair section braids give fishtail braids an elaborate appearance, but they're easier to do than you might think! 

When wearing a fishtail braided pigtail, the entire head of hair is braided into two separate braids. The braid begins at the forehead and proceeds downward by crossing and combining more hair once the hair is divided into two on either side. 

Fishtail braided pigtails are a trendy hairstyle right now since they're adorable and fun. It looks classy and elegant due to its minimalist design.

#9 Braided French Braids

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @luvhairapp

These French braids with braids are very lovely and delicate. Love in two little sentences! 

This hairstyle has indeed been my go-to throughout the summer and works beautifully for fall. I adore how it covers up messy hair days. 

Compared to center-part pigtails, the hair style makes it look more refined and matured. Both straight and wavy hair look fantastic in this hairstyle. 

You can tone it down with a strong lip color or up with just some pants and sunnies, perfect OOTD!

#10 Cornrow Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtail
Source: Instagram @goldenbarbie

Take inspiration from Jasmine Sanders and choose double-braided cornrow pigtails if you're searching for a new pigtail hairstyle!

The underhanded method is used to create these elevated braids. Your skin is frequently exposed because of the tight braiding to the scalp. 

It’s actually cool, you can use them to create a variety of different looks. It's important to embrace cornrows and just let your hair glow, whether it looks sensual, smooth, or adventurous, vibrant, or both!

After seeing these adorable hairstyles, learn how to make easy braided pigtails at home and try out a variety of other looks to bring out your inner goddess. Discover new braided looks and display your hair. 

Are you ready to give some of these braided hairstyles a try? Despite your hairstyle choice, you will unquestionably look absolutely stunning. Way to go, girl!

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