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12 Best Lavender Wigs in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

Today, the beauty market is full of wigs. Someone prefers classic models and natural colors so that no one guesses that they are wearing a wig. And someone, on the contrary, chooses bright models to give themselves new experiences and impress everyone around them. I love colored wigs that help express mood and experiment with the image. The Pantone Color Institute chose Very Peri as the color. I looked at many models in this color, and the best lavender wig for me is Maycaur Lace Front Purple Wig. I also want to introduce you to other worthy options, so I compiled these lavender wig reviews.

Top 12 Best Lavender Wigs: From Classic to Brand-New Design

Very Peri shows carefree confidence and bold curiosity. If this is your mood, read on to learn about the features of different models of lavender wigs.

1. Maycaur Lace Front Purple: Best Lavender Lace Front Wig

Maycaur makes premium synthetic and natural, giving new emotions and making you feel magical. For permanent wear, I chose the brand's synthetic long lavender wig. This 24-inch wig features a T-part lace front and heat-resistant fiber, and natural baby hair for a natural line. You might make a part where you want. 21-23.5 inches cap included. I have styled this wig with heat tools more than once, and it still looks sophisticated. It might be an excellent choice for those looking for the main accessory in a fashionable color with a perfect balance of quality and price.
Pros: Cons:
  • T-part lace front;
  • Heat-friendly fiber;
  • Three flexible combs and regulated straps for reliable fixation;
  • The fibers are soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • The wig might get tangled quickly.

Long lavander wig on the woman

2. YUSHU Long Purple: Best Lavender Ombre Wig

Ombre dyeing does not leave its position in the fashion chart, so I primarily draw your attention to this stylish wig. The 26-inch soft, wavy locks fall down and sway as you move, drawing attention. It is wonderful! This is a lavender synthetic wig made of synthetic heat-resistant fiber with a parting in the middle. The hair is attached to a solid and breathable pink cap, the size of which can be adapted to the size of the head with the help of 2 straps. The accessory is comfortable to wear and can become the basis of your new image.
Pros: Cons:
  • Fashionable gradient coloring;
  • Heat-resistant fiber;
  • The choice is less confusing compared to analogs, has no smell;
  • When you buy a wig, you get 3 free hats.
  • The front line of hair growth may look unnatural.

Woman with YUSHU Long Purple

3. Lucyhairwig Synthetic Lace Front: Best Lavender Purple Wig With a Low Price

The desire to experiment often appears by accident. This wig might be a great companion for those who want to try a new look but are not ready to go to the hairdresser and colorist. Sometimes we are afraid that the wig will fall off the head. With a 2.5-inch parting, the lace front wig features 3 sturdy combs to hold the accessory and straps to adjust the size. The model is 22 inches long and heat-resistant, so you might do any styling. A distinct advantage of the lavender hair wig is its budget price. If you do not like the new look, you probably will not be too sorry you spent the money. However, I wish you only good experiences.
Pros: Cons:
  • Long wavy fibers with ombre;
  • Without adhesive
  • Swiss lace front;
  • Budget price.
  • Not intended for long-term wear.

Lucyhairwig on the woman

4. FAELBATY Wavy Short Purple — Best Lavender Wig With Bangs

Purple has many shades. This wig is made in one of its lightest tones, which allows you to create a delicate romantic image. FAELBATY is a professional wig manufacturer that cares about quality at all levels. This heat-resistant synthetic wig with bangs is 14 inches long, just above the shoulders. It has a hair density of 130%-150%, which guarantees good volume. The selection includes a medium-sized cap, 22.75 inches in circumference, and 2 adjustable straps.
Pros: Cons:
  • Professional manufacturer;
  • Gentle light shade;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Easy care.
  • The wig may shed when worn for the first time.

Woman with short purple wig

5. Mildiso Purple: Best Curly Lavender Wig

Many women who like wavy hair have to stand for hours in front of the mirror, making the desired curls. This ready-to-wear heat-resistant wig already has cute curly fibers, soft and pleasant to the touch, similar to human hair. Moreover, the product is surprisingly comfortable. The mesh allows the scalp to breathe; its weight is 290 grams. I happily braided it and walked around the city.
Pros: Cons:
  • Breathable wig mesh;
  • Size adjustment using 2 straps;
  • Density 130%;
  • Natural look.
  • In case of incorrect installation, a mesh might be visible.

Woman with Mildiso Purple

6. Cying Lin Short Bob Pink: Best Lavender Bob Wig

Are you looking for a stylish wig for Halloween, cosplay parties, or other themed events? I recommend looking into this synthetic model. Fashionable ombre dyeing, a short length of 14 inches, and light waves will make you the evening star. When my friend wore this wig to her bachelorette party, everyone came up and asked to touch her hair; it looked so natural. In addition to the stylish effects, the wig provides easy and comfortable dressing and wearing.
Pros: Cons:
  • Breathable, flexible, strong mesh;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Fashionable coloring;
  • Comfortable length.
  • It is not recommended to wash the item.

Purple ombre hair on the woman

7. Joedir Lace Front: Best Long Lavender Wig

This wig is 30 inches long, which looks pretty natural. Joedir was founded in 2008 and is known for producing beautiful wigs. This lavender wig on a black girl might look wonderful. The color of the cap is similar to the skin of their head, so it will be almost invisible. The heat-resistant texture of the fibers allows you to experiment with styling: electric tools can be heated up to 380 ℉. However, it is worth remembering that long hair, even synthetic hair, requires more care.
Pros: Cons:
  • Length of 30 inches;
  • Lace front with a deep middle parting (1.5x4.5 inches);
  • Children’s hair on the natural hairline.
  • Long hair is more difficult to care for;
  • The thickness may seem insufficient.

Joedir Lace Front on the woman

8. Itimay Purple Highlight: Best Lavender Color Wig For Fashion Women

My friend wanted to lighten the front strands for a long time but did not dare. This 10-inch wig with pink-lavender strands in the front allowed her to make her dream come true and see herself in a new fashion look. She liked it! The wig is 10% natural hair and looks like real human hair. This model has a transparent cap, so combining different skin colors is more accessible. The cap is conveniently regulated with 2 straps and covered with 3 combs.
Pros: Cons:
  • 10% human hair and 90% heat-resistant fiber;
  • T-part lace front;
  • Improved breathability;
  • Transparent cap.
  • It might get tangled without proper care.
  • Hair may smell when first used.

9. BESFOR Lace Front: Best Lavender Frontal Wig

Our list includes more synthetic fiber wigs, but we also pay attention to natural wigs. This bouncy, shiny, short lavender wig is made from Brazilian hair with beautiful, healthy ends. The product has a pre-plucked natural hairline with baby hair and a Swiss 13x4x1 inches T-part lace front. Hair lends itself well to styling: you might safely experiment with styling and curling.
Pros: Cons:
  • 100% natural hair;
  • 13x4x1 inches T-part lace front;
  • 150% density;
  • No chemicals;
  • Glueless construction.
  • A wig might be difficult to put on without experience.

Woman with BESFOR Lace Front

10. Fuhsi Ombre Purple: Best Lavender Blonde Wig

It's another lavender ombre wig option that you will probably like. After all, in this wig, you might transform into the image of a blonde and, at the same time, continue to enjoy the gentle purple gradient. The accessory is made of kanekalon, a fiber-based on Japanese seaweed. It is pleasant and silky, and most importantly, it has an authentic natural look. The fibers are heat resistant and 22 inches long. You might curl or straighten them by heating your hair to 377 ℉. It is not challenging to put on and take off this, and the item does not put pressure on the head. The wig might be suitable for all girls with any skin tones and can be used daily or dressed up for themed events.
Pros: Cons:
  • Advanced material — kanekalon;
  • Original painting;
  • Lace front;
  • Suitable for any skin.
  • The fibers might stick to the skin.
  • Hair might get tangled.

Woman with long ombre purple hair

11. Benafee Lilac Lace Front: Best Light Lavender Wig

With 10 years of experience producing hair extensions, Benafee has become an expert in wig design. It has its factory and meticulously controls the quality of its products. This lavender bob wig is made from 100% healthy Brazilian hair. The accessory is 8" long, has 180% density, and has 13x4 inches lacing. Lace is similar to transparent, but it is created using cheaper technology. Compared with the previous models, in this one, the designers have improved the cut and made the mesh more even. The wig's new version can be worn permanently or to parties.
Pros: Cons:
  • 100% Brazilian human hair;
  • Pre-plucked hairline with baby hair;
  • Soft, silky straight hair, full ends;
  • Experienced manufacturer.
  • Hair might become frizzy and shed.

Woman with Benafee Lilac Lace Front

12. Smavida Lilac Bob: Best Short Lavender Wig With Human Hair

Smavida is an American natural wig brand that strives to use the best raw materials and processing techniques to create new hair designs. Lavender wig human hair from this manufacturer is distinguished because it hardly tangles and practically does not fall out. You might also repaint it if you get bored with the color. The model is produced with a breathable, comfortable cap of medium size (22.5 inches) and an elastic mesh. The new design is with velcro closure to show off your natural hairline.
Pros: Cons:
  • 100% human hair;
  • T-part Swiss lace;
  • Previously plucked hairline;
  • Budget price compared to other natural wigs.
  • Over time, hair might become stiff and fall out excessively.

Smavida Lilac Bob on the woman

Buyer's Guide on the Best Lavender Wig

If you want to purchase a lavender color wig, you will likely look for an option that will suit your aesthetic taste, needs, and capabilities. For example, my colleague enjoys a lavender brown wig. You might follow this guide to make finding the perfect wig easy.

How to Choose a Wig

When you want to pick a good wig, you should stick to the following criteria:
  • Color and style
You will be amazed at how many shades and designs you can find in the store. Think about which style and color are closer to you. Maybe it is a long classic gray lavender wig? Or are you dreaming of a fun lavender curly wig? What about the length? For instance, a short lavender wig looks pretty effective. Also, keep in mind that the color of the product presented in the online store may differ slightly from the original due to the color settings of your computer monitor.
  • Fiber material
First, buyers pay attention to hair fiber. There are 2 basic types of wigs synthetic fiber and human hair, and each has its pros and cons. For instance, compared with natural wigs, artificial ones are mostly cheaper and lighter. They come in many variations, such as the unique pastel lavender wig but tend to tangle.
  • Mesh
The mesh is the base to which the hair is attached. A high-quality mesh will be invisible and create an imitation as if the hair is growing from it. When choosing a wig, ensure that the mesh’s color is close to the color of your scalp. Wigs are usually made in medium size, 22-22.5 inches in circumference, and have adjustable straps. You should look for other suitable options if your head is larger or smaller. [su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFSUInPazh4"]

Which Mesh to Prefer?

Since mesh is a crucial part of wig construction, let’s consider the most common types in more detail.
  1. The monofilament is a fine mesh with a porous structure that completely imitates the scalp. The hair is sewn into each cell and fastened with a knot on the reverse side.
  2. The lace front is a transparent, almost invisible mesh, even thinner than monofilament. It is used to apply artificial strands in the area of ​​the forehead.
  3. The nylon is usually used in the parietal; a tress is sewn onto it.
  4. The elastic mesh ensures a tight fit of the wig, used in the temporal and occipital parts. A tress is sewn to it, or the hair is attached by hand.
The base materials are combined to create a comfortable and inconspicuous cap. The smaller the mesh, the more natural the wig will look. Purple wig on the mannequin

FAQ About Best Lavender Wigs

I will answer the most popular questions to clarify some tricky points about wig structure.

What Do You Wear under a Wig?

So that your hair is not visible from under the wig, you need to hide it under a special cap. Also, such a cap will help make the surface of the head flat before putting on the wig.

What Is the Most Comfortable Type of Wig?

For the wig to provide comfort, it should be made of quality materials, be light and hold firmly. The lace wigs are more breathable, which gives you a more comfortable experience. Besides, artificial wigs are usually lighter than natural ones. Long Purple wig on the mannequin

What Kind of Wig Is Best for Beginners?

If you have no experience wearing a wig, consider options with a fine, invisible monofilament mesh or lace front. In such wigs, you might make a parting where you like, and their front part is already cut out.

Why Do You Need The Best Lavender Wig

I am often asked why I have so many bright wigs. And I have an answer to that question. Wigs make it possible always to be beautiful and well-groomed, regardless of the time of day, weather, and other factors. They lift the mood and give space for self-expression. We have covered a lot of great wigs in this article, including my favorite Maycaur Lace Front Purple Wig. It might also be your top pick if you are looking for a lavender wig. And what is your reason for wearing a wig? Does it help you feel more confident? Let us know!
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