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Asians with White and Grey Hair 2024

At some time, most of us will realize that grey and white hair is a normal component of the aging process and that it is an inevitable aspect of growing older.

What do you do if your hair begins to grey earlier than you anticipated, such as in your twenties or thirties?

Is it something you'd be willing to do on a regular basis to go to the hair salon? Or are you going to embrace your DNA and flaunt your grey hair with confidence?

This list of Asians with grey and white hair on Instagram will give you that little more push if you're going towards the latter and need a little inspiration.

Why do some people have grey and white hair?

Pigment cells in your hair follicles are responsible for the production of melanin, a substance that provides your hair its own color. These cells begin to die as you grow older. Without color, new hair strands come in lighter colors and take on different shades of grey , silver, and finally white.

Why do some people have grey or white hair in their 20’s?

People as young as adolescence and into their 20s may notice streaks of white hair. The human body contains millions of hair follicles, which are tiny sacs that line the skin's surface.

Follicles are responsible for the production of hair as well as color or pigment cells that carry melanin. Follicles lose pigment cells with time, resulting in the appearance of white hair color.

Is grey hair genetics of stress related?

According to a recent study, stress can actually cause gray hair to appear. In their study, the researchers discovered that the body's fight or flflight response reaction is a significant factor in the graying of hair. Melanocytes, which are pigment-producing cells, are responsible for the color of your hair.

List of Asians with White and Grey Hair

1. Smita Desouza

asians wth gray hair
Image Source: @smitadesouza

Smita Desouza is the founder of The Beauty Desk, who writes about beauty on her website, can be seen on Instagram Stories demonstrating how to get her amazing makeup looks. When she's not addressing the benefits of skincare, she can be found demonstrating how to achieve her stunning makeup looks.

Smita Desouza's silver streaks bring to mind a number of female heroines whose hair we lust over. With no fear of a daring beauty look, this former beauty editor and makeup artist doesn't believe in the concept of "casual," and she routinely posts sophisticated makeup looks on Instagram.

When she was 25 or 26 years old, she first spotted a few grey hairs. There were only a few, but they were right in front of her eyes, along her hairline. She has no recollection of panicking out. However, she had to begin dyeing the front half of her hair since, unlike black hair, white hair lacks pigment, which causes it to stick up and appear unruly.

She eventually became tired of the upkeep and stopped dyeing her hair. She was most likely 31 or 32 years old at the time. Some of her white hair still sticks up on occasion, but she tries to tame it with hair wax or setting spray.

To be honest, the placement was a stroke of luck for her. It always surprises people that it isn't a dye job. Then there are those who advise her to color her hair to match her skin tone.

But now she doesn't mind if her hair is white or black as long as it is thick and healthy.

2. Ong Bee Yan

asians wth gray hair 2022
Image Source: @grey_evolution

Ong Bee Yan is a 65-years-old part-time model, grandmother of two and co-founder of artisanal home-grown coffee brewery 1 degree celsius prefers to be known - notes the incredible impact of the campaign that helped create this welcoming climate.

She has a thriving post-retirement career as an in-demand fashion model while running a hip cold brew coffee business – she's an unconventional breath of fresh air inspiring women with her versatility. In partnership with Louis Vuitton.

Besides running an artisanal cold brew coffee startup, 65-year-old model Ong Bee Yan is now juggling a second career as a fashion model. The Singaporean grandmother has already graced the covers of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, L’Officiel Singapore and a beauty feature in Her World, showcasing that age can’t stop you from pursuing your dreams.

A model, in her opinion, must be tall and slim in addition to being breathtakingly beautiful. As a result, she'd never seen herself as a model, even in her wildest fantasies.

According to her, the dread of growing old, the illnesses that would impact them as they age, the worry of becoming useless to society, and the fear of being unable to learn something new are all typical concerns for people.

Everyone, on the other hand, will reach the age of retirement at some point in their lives. It's an unavoidable fact of life that you have to deal with. That's just the way things work in life.

For the time being, she is enjoying life and allowing herself to be open to a variety of options. Love what you do and put your heart and soul into it. That is her personal mantra.

3. Kae Kae Qi

white haired asians
Image Source: @kaekaeqi

Kae Kae is an international model of Cambodian and Chinese descent, but Australian-born and bred. She specializes in fashion, editorial, beauty and commercial modeling.

Her unique, yet versatile Southeast Asian look, has been in demand for runway events featuring Valentino Red, Moschino, Guess, Marcel Ostertag, Patrick Owen, Adidas, L’Oreal, GHD and much more.

Her career as a model began while she was in her teens, when she colored her hair red, purple, blonde, and various shades of brown for shows and photo shoots. After taking up full-time modeling in London, she finally returned to her natural hue of black.

She had been greying for a long time, although no one recognized it at the time. While a part of her had finally accepted her natural self – black hair with Asian features – the truth was that she was still concealing her greys. She was still adhering to society's fixation with youth by removing all traces of aging.

According to her, she now feels confident enough to completely reclaim the real me ,as well as draw attention to our present beauty standards, which she claims are harming girls and demeaning women, as well as putting unreasonable pressure on all of us of that age.

4. Alex Tran

women with gray hair
Image Source: @Grombre

Graysian blogger Alex Tran who took to sharing her photo on the platform (pictured above) continues to remain proud of natural tresses and has even gone on to share the story of going grey on her blog too.

Alex is her name, and she hasn't dyed her hair since June 2017. She decided to stop dying her hair since, at the rate she was graying, she'd have to get a touch-up every week. For her, this was a no-brainer because she considers herself to be quite low-maintenance.

She was excited to start this journey and see who she would become and how she would look with gray hair.

Accepting her grays has felt liberating and empowering to her. She discovered how to accept and value her shortcomings. Perfection is the absence of flaws. We've become who we are as a result of the challenges we've had to deal with.

Gombre is a small Instagram community in 2016, it has now grown into a global movement of women who are choosing to embrace their natural, undyed hair.

They believe there are more important things in life than the beauty standards that women are so often told define our value, and They’re finding liberation and empowerment to live fully and celebrate the complexities that make us beautiful in each season of our lives.

5. Jin Cruce

Jin Cruce ditched the hair color and hasn't looked back since 2016. You can't be in command of everything, she says, and your hair was placed on your head to remind you of that.

Cruce is a licensed pharmacist who also runs the popular Instagram account @agingwith_style_and_grays, which she uses to document her gray hair journey.

According to her, she founded the account to encourage and aid people on their grey-hair journeys, as well as to encourage ladies to embrace aging. Growing older has brought her a great deal of happiness, freedom, and self-assurance.

Key Takeaways

Going grey can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride in terms of emotions. A few of silver strands, perhaps? It's not a huge deal. However, when there is nothing but gray coming out in your roots, things can seem a little more dire, or at least they used to feel that way.

Women who have accepted their gray hairs, despite the difficulties, agree that it is well worth the effort. Some consider it to be a work in progress. Those who have accepted their grey and white hair, on the other hand, are content with their appearance.

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